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Payroll giving: the simplest, easiest way to give to any charities you choose


Big Change is an employer's own customisable website, offering a simple and effective solution to the question ‘how can we promote awareness of our organisation’s payroll giving scheme?’



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  • Big Change will save you time and money, minimising data input and eliminating paper forms
  • Big Change is payroll giving made easy. No more paper, no more posters, no more time spent organising presentations or promotions
  • Big Change works for you. Employees can add, cancel or amend their donations through Big Change and we send you a monthly report of their instructions. We can also send a report directly to your payroll giving agency
  • Big Change will enhance your CSR credentials and show your commitment to supporting your employees in their community activities
  • Big Change will make a Big Change to the lives of thousands of people supported by the charities your employees have chosen

click here to find out more about Big Change

About us

Big Change is the brainchild of Christine Jenkins and Alison Allington of CCWorks, the award-winning community investment consultancy.

With over twenty five years experience of payroll giving between us we were convinced the time was right to bring payroll giving up to date.

We have spoken to charities, employers and donors, who all said that they expect payroll giving to be an online function.

We also think that Big Change will help payroll giving reach its full potential.

We believe that Big Change makes payroll giving easier for everyone. 


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Your Big Change will include -

  • Your own, customised Big Change website, with a unique URL for your employees' use  (you can make changes during the year, for instance, to respond to an international disaster you may wish to change your landing page to outline your corporate support)
  • Our ‘How to make a Big Changetoolkit, including our Big Change screensaver and promotional materials
  • Our seasonal, themed Big Change graphics so that you can promote your payroll giving scheme to coincide with Christmas, Valentines etc
  • Our email helpline to answer all your employees’ questions about payroll giving and Big Change
  • Our monthly report, sent to you securely encrypted and also to your payroll giving agency

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Q. I already work with a payroll giving agency. Will Big Change interfere with this?

A. No. Big Change is simply a tool to support your promotion of payroll giving. Your employees’ donations will still be channelled through your payroll giving agency.

Q. We have a Professional Fundraising Organisation visit our site(s), how will Big Change work with this?

A. You can continue to work with the PFO. Big Changeoffers you the flexibility to promote your scheme when you want, between visits

Q. How much will Big Change cost me?

A. £200 to set up, host and maintain your site for 1 year for employers with up to 3000 employees. You will also receive all other benefits free of charge ie. Reports, promotional templates, seasonal graphics, helpline, training and support webinars.  Larger employers POA.

Q. Is there a set-up cost?

A. See above

Q. How long am I committed for?

A. We ask for a 1 year initial commitment.

Q. Does Big Change have to sit on our Intranet?

A.  A link to Big Change can sit on your Intranet but doesn’t have to. You can simply provide your employees with your unique URL via email or on promotional materials

Q. How can I let my employees know about Big Change?

A. Use our launch toolkit to help you to communicate Big Change to your employees

Q. How secure is my employees’ data?

A. Big Change is built upon a world renowned open source system that has regular security updates to keep it secure from malicious attacks. All data provided by employees will be encrypted through SSL when transferred to or from the site, and all data sent on to your organisation will also be encrypted before transmission.

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us.


How to order BIG CHANGE

Ordering Big Change is simple and quick:  

  • Contact us today for a set up brief.
  • Register your organisation's details online at:

Username = employer

Password = 1234

  • CCWorks will invoice you when you have provided a PO number
  • We will set up your webpage and forward to you for approval (within 7days of receiving your logo etc)
  • You’re ready to go! Don’t forget to follow the e-promotion toolkit provided with Big Change and join one of our training  webinars


BIG CHANGE Charities

Your employees can give to any charities of their choice using Big Change but because we know that many employees want to donate but don't have a favourite good cause, we will feature charities which represent different sectors. From Help the Hospices to Shelter, British Red Cross to Mencap all our featured charities value payroll giving donations highly.

Make a Wish logo


If 32 people give £10.00 a month for 10 months, they will jointly fund one magical wish for a child with a life-threatening illness; a child like 10 year old Kyle from Nuneaton who wished to drive a tank or Hannah from West Lothian who wished to have her book published.


Your webpage will also feature a link to a searchable database of good causes (currently Charity Commission search)

We also know that you may have a charity partner that you would like to feature on your site.

We can do this for you, simply send us their logo and some information about them and we will give them front-page profile!

Not got a payroll giving scheme?

Big Change can help you set up a payroll giving scheme if you haven't got one yet. did you know that over 10,000 employers currently offer payroll giving to their employees? If you want to join them, click here to find out how to set up a scheme in your organisation.

Contact us

Thank you for your interest in Big Change. Please provide your contact details on our contact page and we will get back in touch with you shortly


Lunchtime Learning Webinars

A knowledge-sharing webinar, presented by Christine Jenkins, Managing Director of CCWorks, an award-winning CCI consultancy

Big Change Demonstration Webinars

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