Payroll Giving Donations Rise in 2010-2011


Rise in Value of Donations

The latest figures released by HMRC have shown a rise in payroll giving donations from £106m to £114m in 2010-2011. However, there was a small drop in the number of donors from 724,000 to 720,000. The average donation is now over £13.00 a month demonstrating that those giving are giving more. Latest figures also show that employers matched payroll giving donations to the tune of £9.5m.

The drop in numbers of donors could be due to the recession, although current donor recruitment levels may also be dropping due to some contraction in the Professional Fundraising Organisation (PFO) market.

Payroll Giving Online the Future

Public online donor recruitment websites such as Big Change may start to position the donor at the heart of payroll giving rather than the employer. and can only enhance the opportunity for charities to really engage with this fundraising mechanism.

'Karen England, Director of Fundraising of Make-A-Wish UK Foundation says, "Big Change offers, in my opinion for the first time, the first really credible online option for companies to use to promote payroll giving to their employees'"


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