More than half of Payroll Professionals back Payroll Giving


Payroll Giving Poll split

More than half of payroll administrators say processing payroll giving is not a burden, a Payroll World poll has found.

But around two in five disagree and say the administration of charitable giving via payroll is too time-consuming.

Almost 100 Payroll World readers responded to the online poll which asked: ‘Is payroll giving an admin burden for payroll?’

The results show that almost 60% of payrollers feel payroll giving is easy to process and worth the effort, but a large proportion are still daunted by the extra work it involves.

Karen Thomson, associate director of policy, research and strategic visibility at the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals, said the results were similar to research conducted by the Institute.

‘The main problem I see is one of perception,’ she said. ‘For those that do operate payroll giving schemes successfully, they do not see it as a burden or costly for the organisation.

‘Where those that do operate schemes have said it is a burden, further research is needed to ascertain why. Is it that so few have taken it up and, therefore, the organisations see it as costly due to the small numbers and bank charges for remittance, or are there other fundamental reasons?’

Simon Morrison, director of marketing and communications at the Institute of Fundraising, said: ‘For some fundraisers payroll giving is a fantastic and efficient way to generate income, but for others it is a cumbersome and time consuming method of making money.

‘The Institute is pleased to see that the amount raised for good causes via payroll giving continues to rise but we are convinced that the system can be improved

‘That is why we are working to develop proposals that will help take payroll giving to the next level, for example looking at ways to make payroll giving donor-centred and portable between roles so that its full potential can be realised,’ he added.

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