Government to support payroll giving


The Government pledged a year-long campaign to support payroll giving in the recent Giving White Paper. They have also promised to seek out innovative ideas which help to make payroll giving a social norm. Details have not yet been unveiled but an announcement is expected at the Giving Summit to take place this autumn.

Previous Governments have supported  payroll giving in the past thirty years with SME Grants, a 10% supplement on donations and the Milennium, Last Hour's Pay Appeal amongst other initiatives. None have managed to unlock the much-mentioned potential of payroll giving. Big Change hopes to do this by simplifying the process for charities, employees and employers and welcomes support from Government to making payroll giving easier for everyone.

"We believe this is a pivotal moment for payroll giving" says Christine Jenkins, MD of CCWorks, the organisation behind Big Change. "Donors must be able to simply and quickly sign-up to give at work to charities they care about"


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