New Platinum Quality Mark


Employers can achieve a new top level of Payroll Giving Quality Mark Award from April 2012. The Platinum Quality Mark will be additional recognition from the charity sector and Government for those employers which go the extra mile to increase take up of Payroll Giving in their companies.

Employers must have previously achieved and held a Gold Quality Mark Award for at least one year prior to applying for a Platinum Quality Mark Award in 2012.

Three further criteria out of a list of ten need to be fulfilled, which include:

Outstanding Payroll Giving Schemes


The Government announced the launch of a new Platinum Payroll Giving Quality Mark at the Excellence Awards in October. Many employers are struggling to increase their take up and programmes have reamined static at around 10%. So how can they double take up to achieve Platinum status?

CCWorks' and Big Change's Managing Director, Christine Jenkins' twenty years experience of payroll giving has demonstrated to her that outstanding payroll giving schemes all enjoy a few common features.

Whitbread and Think Money scoop Payroll Giving Awards at No 11


The Whitbread Group and Think Money, a financial services and advice company each scooped two of the Awards at the National Payroll Giving Excellence Awards on Monday night. Held at No 11 Downing Street. The Awards celebrated and recognised the very best payroll giving schemes in the UK. 

Payroll Giving nudge, nudge?


A meeting of FTSE100 employers and officials from the Office for Civil Society, HMRC and the Behavioural Insight Unit of the Cabinet Office took place at the Treasury on Friday 30th September to hear how 'nudge' theory might be applied to payroll givers.

More than half of Payroll Professionals back Payroll Giving


Payroll Giving Poll split

More than half of payroll administrators say processing payroll giving is not a burden, a Payroll World poll has found.

Payroll Giving Donations Rise in 2010-2011


Rise in Value of Donations

The latest figures released by HMRC have shown a rise in payroll giving donations from £106m to £114m in 2010-2011. However, there was a small drop in the number of donors from 724,000 to 720,000. The average donation is now over £13.00 a month demonstrating that those giving are giving more. Latest figures also show that employers matched payroll giving donations to the tune of £9.5m.

Big Change Goes Live!


Welcome to our website. You can now make payroll giving donations to any charities directly from Big Change. Simply complete our form and we will do the rest for you!

Big Change is set to make a big difference to causes you care about. Here's what one charity says -

Government to support payroll giving


The Government pledged a year-long campaign to support payroll giving in the recent Giving White Paper. They have also promised to seek out innovative ideas which help to make payroll giving a social norm. Details have not yet been unveiled but an announcement is expected at the Giving Summit to take place this autumn.

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